Metris office for Architecture and Construction is an Athens based group of architects and civil engineers. We operate within the fields of architecture, interior design, urbanism, landscaping, architectural research, construction and project management. We also hold an excellent network of collaborators, creating thus an interdisciplinary setting that covers all possible tasks around design and construction of high quality projects.
Our course so far consists of participations and distinctions in architectural competitions, academic research, various projects and constructions of any scale (private housing, corporate buildings, renovations, art exhibitions, custom-furnished interiors).
Our aim is the creation of architecture that minimizes the consumption of energy, leading to environmentally sustainable buildings. We always design for technical perfection and for aesthetics. We create buildings that are technically innovative but at the same time cost and resource conscious. For us, every project is an opportunity to create a unique form of usage, based in deep understanding of the user’s needs and desires.
Our office never stops researching and evolving by means of developing new data in architecture, materials and techniques of construction.



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